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Good Case Study Topics in Computer Science

case study topics in computer science

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Case studies are used in academic discipline and the purpose of it is to give thorough analysis about a certain case or situation that reveals wonderful information. Case studies must be well written in order to figure out what is the solution and what is the problem.

Steps in Writing Case Study in Computer Science

  • Determine your case study: The first step you need to do in writing case study computer science is to know your focus or your case. This is important because it will be your basis to get started. If you can’t think of anything, try to think of the problems that you discussed in your classroom because it can be a good start.
  • Choose case site: You cannot do a case study if you do not choose what case site you will visit to conduct your study. You need to think of a place, a company or organization. After that, talk to people that can help you in solving that problem. Be sure that they have interest on what you are doing to create the best output.
  • Start the interview process: The time you are finish in choosing your case site; this is the time to interview the people that will help you with your case study. You can ask them questions that you need to know or readers need to know. You can ask open-ended questions that give details about how situation must be developed and how people are involved.
  • Begin the analysis: Of course, when you are done gathering all the materials you need and when you are completely done in interviewing people for your case, you need to analyze what you have gathered. Be careful to analyze the information you found on the library and on the internet.
  • Begin writing the case study: If you are ready to get started in writing your case study, you need to have different parts that should be present in your paper. You need to have introduction to the problem, background on the case and other sections. Another thing is that in your concluding paragraph, you should sum up all the possible solutions you found out. Describe what you have learned on the site you visited, how you developed your case study and what solutions have been tried and proposed.

Case Study Topics in Computer Science

  • Difference between dates case study
  • Statistics case study
  • Roman numerals case study
  • Design and implementation of database management system
  • Implementation of digital library system
  • Simulated wireless network
  • Computerized census management system
  • Implementation of cash receipt generating system for supermarket

There you have the topics as well as tips that guide you in writing. If you can’t think of any topic related to computer science, you can choose from above.

Just be sure that you do the necessary steps in completing the case study. You need to gather all the materials you need, interview people, jot down information, make notes on citations and others. These things are necessary to remember to write a good case study.

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