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How to Write Engineering Economics Case Study: Helpful Tips

managerial economics case study

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Students know that writing any kind of important research paper in managerial economics or economics case study for mba is not easy to do. There are instructions to follow, need to conduct an interview and much more. When you are assigned to create a relevant study, this page will help you in getting started.

Writing Case Study about Economics

A successful managerial economics case study involves analyzing a real-life situation. It provides existing problems that needed to be solved. Upon writing the paper, you must realize the need to relate theory to a practical situation and apply real examples if possible. For instance, it should apply knowledge and ideas that are discussed in the coursework to practical situations. It also needs to identify the problems and choose what the major problems of your engineering economics case study are. Another thing to remember is to give solutions to the major problems, to recommend the best solution and to show how that solution be implemented. Here are sections that are necessarily needed while completing your case study of managerial economics writing. Consider the following:

  • Executive summary or synopsis.
  • Outline the purpose of your work.
  • Describe the field of research: this is an overview of the organization or company.
  • Outline the findings and issues without specific information.
  • Identify the theory that should be used: in here, the reader must need to get a clear picture of important contents of your study. It is essential to jot down assumptions being made.
  • Findings: in this part, you need to identify the problems that you found. In every analysis of the problem, it must be supported with facts with course concepts and relevant theory. Also, you need to look for underlying problems. Generally, this section must be divided into subsections wherein one for every problem.
  • Discussion: summarize the major problems.
  • Identify some alternative solutions to those problems.
  • Outline briefly every alternative solution and evaluate its advantages and disadvantages.
  • You do not need to refer to any coursework or theory in here.
  • Conclusion: you need to wrap up the main points from discussion and findings.
  • Recommendations: select what alternative solution to be adopted. You need to justify your choice by giving explanations on how it will solve the problem. Take note that it must be written in forceful style because the intention is to persuade. Integration of coursework and theory is needed One more thing is that it is advisable to provide explanations on what should be done, by when and by whom. As much as possible, try to include estimated costs both time and financial.
  • References: be sure that all references are written properly.
  • Appendices: note original data relating to your study.

To make the best work in terms of case study about economics, you need to know the crucial parts to include into your writing. If you can’t think of any ideas, helpful tips will help you to begin writing and to prepare yourself for what you must do. At first, you find that writing such kind of paper is a torture because you need to complete many things at the specified time but when you organize all you need, you can start right away. Choose our service for preparation managerial economics mba study material.

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