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How to Write MBA Case Study Analysis

What Is an MBA Case Study Analysis?

A case study is a detailed report of a company or industry over a period of time and will include such information as company strategies, objectives, history and more. The MBA case study analysis is the process of using the information contained in the case study to provide possible solutions to a business problem or to make recommendations on company actions based on different situations.

A case study for MBA students will involve actual management situations and the MBA case study analysis along with metabical case study allows students to put themselves in the position of managers and key decision makers. Using what they have learned they will recommend courses of action based on their analysis of the data contained in the case study and the particular situation they are presented with.

Steps in Writing an MBA Case Study Analysis

Every case study analysis is different but there are basic steps that should be taken that will be the same for every case study analysis. These steps are as follows:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the case study. Read the case carefully and take good notes. Make sure every aspect is well understood.
  • Research and analyze the company’s history and growth.
  • Identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses. In what areas do they perform well and where are they lacking.
  • Research information on the outside environment that affects them. This could include competitors, the threat of substitute products or other factors outside the company that may provide a threat or presents an opportunity.
  • Analyze and evaluate what you have researched regarding company strengths and weaknesses compared to external threats and opportunities and determine its competitive position.
  • Identify corporate level strategy. The overall company mission, goals, and strategy. Evaluate the pros and cons.
  • Identify business level strategy. This would include marketing strategy, costs, and general focus.
  • Analyze implementations. Evaluate structures and controls the company is using to put its strategies into effect.
  • Recommendations. All recommendations should be supported by the context of the MBA case study analysis.

Essentially the analysis is a case study for MBA with solution suggestions for a given scenario.

Final Tips When Writing an MBA Case Study Analysis

Remember these simple tips when assigned a case study analysis to write:

  • Know and understand the case before beginning your analysis
  • Allow plenty of time
  • Be honest and objective. Don’t allow personal opinions to influence an analysis
  • Be analytical and not descriptive
  • Proofread for any errors

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