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How to Write a Case Study Medical Better Then Other

What Medical Ethical Case Study Actually Is

It is basically a report on a particular patients symptoms, diagnosis and treatment plan. Any kind of medical ethical case study may be done by medical students to practice learned skills by making their own evaluation of the situation. It is often used as a learning tool and a test of knowledge gained. These works often are based on rare and seldom encountered illnesses. Analyzing such illnesses provides an opportunity for students to make a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment plan on situations that they may not encounter otherwise.

How to Write a Medical Case Study

Medical analysis closely follows the format of any kind of medical research paper. Knowing how to write a medical case study it will provide the structure for your analysis. Harvard case study analysis and the basic format of the analysis will contain the following information:

  • Brief medical history of the patient: age, sex, general health, any pre-existing medical conditions and medication will be included to prescribe such treatment that won’t hinder the patient’s health in case of allergy, for instance.
  • Problem/symptoms an in-depth description of patient symptoms: this should include information gathered by interviewing the patient as well as data such as temperature, blood pressure, and other relevant test results. Also general observations, which could include anything such as difficulty breathing, flushed or pale appearance etc.
  • Diagnosis: essentially what you believe the problem/illness is based on your analysis of all available data.
  • Treatment: the means of intervention that your analysis has pointed to as the best solution to the problem you have diagnosed. But take of possible allergic reactions of the patient, try to anticipate those.

Examples of such works are routinely provided to students to allow them to practice.  Writing medical case study with answers should not automatically be assumed to be correct. Perform your own analysis without being influenced by existing answers as sometimes misdiagnoses occur or incorrect treatment is prescribed.

Tips for Writing Medical Case Study Analysis

Following these tips can help improve your medical grades:

  • Read your work thoroughly to the smallest detail. Take notes.
  • Don’t jump to easy conclusions. It may be as easy as it appears but takes the time to examine all possibilities.
  • Don’t assume it should contain the correct diagnosis and treatment. Make your own analysis.
  • Base your diagnosis and treatment on facts that support them, not hunches or feelings.

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