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Handy Online Char Count! It Has Never Been So Easy


The Importance of Char Counter Online

So you’ve been asked to provide a character count for your piece of work or to fulfill a specific character count. What is a “character”, anyway? In brief, it’s one single bit of text that can stand by itself. For instance, letters are characters. So are numbers, punctuation, and spaces. Often, web-based platforms will restrict your character number, such as Twitter’s famous 140-character limit. However, sometimes other platforms will require you to write a certain number of characters; scholarship essays, for instance, often have these requirements. If you have a character limit and aren’t sure how to fulfill it, check out how you can do so easily and quickly.

Find out Char Counter Online

An online character count is perhaps the best way to fulfill your character limit properly while doing your case study analysis. Online character counters are simple and usually free. All you have to do is input text into the box. Most character counters allow you to choose whether you want to copy and paste or type directly in. This gives you options to come with a finished piece and edit it or to write into the box and adjust as you go. That flexibility is a great help because the best way to do it often depends on your length. Trying to do 140 characters? Type directly in. Going for 1000? You’ll want to try writing it first and then edit.

online char count facts

Why Use Online Char Counter

Why use an online character counter, rather than one of the ones available on a word processor? Online character counters are:

  • Accurate
  • Convenient
  • Portable
  • Free

Word processor character counts require lots of extra clicks, and if you’re writing on the go, it’s not very easy to get one. Plus, many word processors have hefty licensing fees, which you as a student or professional simply cannot afford. You’ll know with an online character counter that your results are accurate, and you’ll get them as you type. You won’t ever have to worry about overshooting unless you stop paying attention and get too absorbed in your work! If you do overshoot, it’s easy to fix it with the quick updates the word count tool provides.

Additionally, try out this awesome bibliography tool to make you work easier and faster!

Get the Most Accurate Character Count

If you’re looking for the best and most accurate word counter, you can’t do better than ours. We’ve striven to ensure that we get you the best results. Our character counter comes with a word counter, too, in case you are concerned about that aspect of your writing! You can check both with no problems. Our free tool is among the best, and we’re excited about the prospect of showing you what we can do. It’s free, so you won’t lose by it no matter what you do!

To easily get an online char count, use our tool now or turn to our experts for further advice!