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Secrets of Writing a Shining Case Study Economics

economics case study

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Any kind of research conducted by the students is like a puzzle that needed to be solved. The very first thing to remember in writing (no matter whether it is an economics or physics case study is that you need to have the subject under consideration and problem to be solved. Your work must have enough details for the readers to understand it. After thinking and analyzing it, readers should come up with solutions.

Writing Economics Case Study Tips

  • Describe the problem: in writing any serious research paper or conducting a survey on economics, you need to describe the problem or any case question that you want for readers to solve. With this, you can begin by raising a question. For instance, you can begin by quoting some of the lines of a person your interviewed.
  • Organize all sections of the case: it is essential that all details of your study should be organized. Follow this so that you have a logical case.
  • Background on the place: tell about the location, how big it is, what is the climate and others. This part should be brief. It is better when you have a two page of written material, video or photos so readers can get a feel for what the place is all about. You need to summarize some of the features of the place and details making it special.
  • Visitors to the place: you can include a chart showing the number of visitors that come to that place; this will allow your readers to make comparisons and if you want, you can include details that you received like what the visitors like and dislike. Ask a question what should happen in order to make the location more appealing.
  • Government policy: you need to include a detail about government policy such as what is allowed and what is not.
  • Other section of the case: depending on your case you are writing and researching, all your sections must be organized for every type of details have its own section and easy to understand for readers.
  • Conclusion: of course, your work needs a conclusion. Instead of putting your answer in your case, it is better to leave your readers with questions, leave the topic open and let everyone decide upon their opinion.

Economics: Research Phase

  • Internet and library research: find out important details about your case. When you do this, you will find out that there are still problems needed to solve. Besides, you will know what issues are being discussed in that particular scientific circles, what matters appear more up-to-date. You might also find interesting ideas that you can include in your project, but remember to refer to the original source, otherwise, it will be considered as plagiarism.
  • Interview people: you need to interview individuals who know the situation and place. Find some knowledgeable persons to interview – they may have working experience at some government office, company or working on the site itself.
  • Put information in one place: you need to put all collected details in one place so that it will not be scattered, but be sure that you sort the books from articles. Arranging this is extremely important and shows how diligent you are.
  • Check out economics case study examples: researching some examples online will also help you in writing because you get to know about good format and structure.

You never have a challenging task when you know what you should do.

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