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Tips for Writing Case Study Research Design for Students

What Is a System Analysis and Design Case Studies?

Design case studies is basically studying a procedure or business to determine its purpose and goals and creating systems and procedures that will achieve those goals in an efficient way. The analysis portion is figuring out what should be done. There is a goal, and then there are the steps that are currently taken to achieve the desired goal. The design portion is determining how achieving a specific goal could be done more efficiently to get better results. Many times as a business grows, new procedures are added as needed, and can result in a haphazard collection of procedures that aren’t the most efficient way of doing things. A systems analysis, case study research design or sample marketing case study analysis can identify areas to be improved on and increase results.

Steps in a System Analysis and Design Case Study

A design case study analysis has basic steps or stages that are taken in a logical sequence in order to get the best results.

The basic steps are as follows:

  • Identify the purpose or goal. It may be to increase sales, improve production or numerous other reasons.
  • Analyze the current system in place. A detailed look at every step in the particular process from start to finish. A retail store may start with a supplier of their products, ordering, and receiving, advertising and marketing etc. Every step taken from obtaining a product to the sale of the product would be covered. This is sometimes known as a tactical analysis.
  • Strategic analysis. Look at every step in the process and consider possible alternatives that could improve the process. For the retailer above they might consider new suppliers, increase advertising, or other changes to the existing process to improve results.
  • Identify alternatives to existing procedures.
  • Select from among the alternatives and make recommendations on those changes that would be best implemented.

A system analysis and design case study can be applied to an entire business or to just one procedure in a business.

Writing the System Analysis and Design Case Study

When writing the analysis following some basic principles can help. There are many different methods employed in design case study analysis but the basics are the same:

  • Correctly identify the goal
  • Include every step in a process regardless of how small
  • Be aware of how changes to one step can affect another
  • Identify costs and problems of implementing changes
  • Backup recommendations with facts

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