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Useful Tips for Writing HR Case Study Analysis

What Is HR Case Study Analysis?

Human resource management case study analysis is a method used to give practical instruction in the field of human resources. Case studies based on real-life situations that human resource managers have to deal with are provided to students so they can experience the process of analyzing and making decisions based on their analysis. The use of case studies and case study analysis is useful as a substitute for on the job experience. Students are able to get a broad exposure to a variety of industries and many different situations, e.g. Panera bread case analysis. They are also able to apply techniques and tools they have learned and assume a manager’s responsibilities in decision-making.

Writing an Hr Case Study Analysis

Before starting to write your analysis you should read and be sure you thoroughly and completely understand the case study. The hr case study analysis can be broken down into four sections. The sections are as follows:

  • Summary of the facts. Just one or two paragraphs providing the essential facts of the case with no discussion of problems or solutions.
  • Analysis. This will be the longest and most important section. The problem should be identified as well as the cause of the problem. Problems and the causes must be identified before a solution can be introduced. Solutions come easier when the nature of a problem is known.
  • Recommendations. This will be where solutions to the problem are provided. If there is more than one, list solutions in order of priority.
  • Implications. A description of how the solution will affect the business/organization over time. It may include changes in company rules or policy.

An analysis of an hr case study with a solution is neither right or wrong. It is viewed as having no single correct answer. Rather solutions are considered to be good or bad.

Useful Tips for Writing an HR Case Study Analysis

Writing a case study analysis can be a difficult task. The following is a list of some basic tips to help improve your final case study analysis:

  • Know the case study and understand it. Read it once at normal speed, and a second time slower while taking notes.
  • Use an outline.
  • Make sure the problem is correctly identified.
  • Don’t allow personal opinion to influence your analysis.
  • Proofread. There should be no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

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