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What is Psychology Case Study?

Important Information About Case Study in Psychology

When used in psychology this type of work is the use of a descriptive research approach to obtain a detailed analysis of a person or group. In most psychology case study, the focus will be on an individual, although sometimes it is necessary to include multiple cases. It will contain all available information on a subject’s life, behavior, thought processes and history. Some of the techniques for gathering information will include interviews, personal observations, official records such as school records and legal records and psychometric tests.

The format for this kind of work in psychology may vary somewhat but will have the same basic structure outlined here:

  • Profile and history of the subject. Basic information like age, sex, and race as well as such things as family dynamic, academic history, criminal record etc.
  • Determine and describe the psychological issue to be addressed.
  • Intervention approach. Methods used to treat the subject and possible results.

What Is It Used For?

The purpose of this type of psychology research is to bring together all the necessary information to perform an accurate diagnosis of a subject. Undergraduates may use a fictional character for a more theoretical approach while those in graduate studies may work with live subjects under supervision. The case study psychology as well as Harvard case study analysis is not considered a research method, but rather a building of a complete subject profile. There are often examples of such works for students are assigned to read in order to help them develop their own psychology case study paper.

Most Prominent CS’s in Psychology

  • Harlow – Phineas Gage
  • Breuer & Freud (1895) – Anna O.
  • Cleckley’s (1941) studies of psychopathy (The Mask of Sanity) and Multiple Personality Disorder (The Three Faces of Eve) (1957)
  • Freud and Little Hans
  • Freud and the Rat Man
  • John Money and the John/Joan case
  • Genie (feral child)
  • Piaget’s studies
  • Rosenthal’s book on the murder of Kitty Genovese
  • Washoe (sign language)

What Are the Advantages and Limitations of CS in Psychology?

These researchers can be very useful in developing new ideas for treatment because of the way it looks at how different factors combine to create an outcome. This provides an opportunity to break new ground. However there is a strong possibility of author bias affecting the writing, so care must be taken to avoid this. Writing a case study psychology can also be difficult to replicate, and as they usually involve one subject it can’t be determined if the results are the “norm” or if the particular case was an aberration. These are useful tools if used correctly and limitations are kept in mind. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about commerce bank analysis and risk management statistics.

Tips for Writing a CS in Psychology

The following are some basic tips that can prove useful during writing:

  • Build an extensive background history as possible using all means available
  • Avoid bias and personal opinion
  • Allow plenty of time
  • Get periodic feedback on progress
  • Use APA format when citing references
  • Proofread

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