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Writing Commerce Bank Case Study Analysis

What Is a Bank Case Study Analysis?

Commerce Bank was founded in 1973 by a fast food franchise owner named Vernon Hill. It has become an extremely popular topic for a cs analysis because of its radical departure from what was at the time considered traditional banking methods. The great success experienced by the Commerce Bank is another reason for its popularity in business courses as it makes a good subject for the bank as analysis. Commerce bank started with a single outlet in 1973. The company was sold in 2007 for $8.5 billion and had over 500 branches, achieving its success through a new approach to banking.

Writing a Bank CSA

Due to its popularity in business courses, there are numerous ways to conduct the bank analysis. Many of them are easily obtained for free from the internet. An existing analysis can be used as a guide when writing your own analysis. It would seem with it being analyzed so widely that it would be impossible to come up with a new angle or approach. However, as with any bank as analysis, the Commerce solution has no right or wrong answer. Because of its departure from the accepted practices at the time, it makes it both an easy analysis in some respects, and more difficult as you try and determine how its growth was sustained over 33 years. Such an analysis of Commerce bank as a whole would want to touch on the following:

  • Fast food philosophy
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Selling the banking experience
  • Developing customer loyalty

The above are major points in Commerce banks case studies and it is difficult to write a Commerce bank work analysis without at least touching on them. We suggest studying our sample marketing case study analysis to have an idea what is required for writing. However, different approaches can be made to an analysis of a Commerce bank case study.

Approaches to Writing a Commerce Bank CSA

As previously mentioned an analysis of Commerce Bank case studies has been done many times. It is an entertaining analysis. Some different approaches may be tried to put a different twist on it:

  • Analyze just one segment of the business. This might be done in order to follow one specific bank segment ranking.
  • Choose a specific time frame. Was there a year where growth slowed? Compare the statistics of a current year and the most successful and the least successful year. It is also highly recommended to analyze the bank statistics for a certain period of time (last year/five years/ten years etc).
  • Focus on changes that were made to adapt, how they were implemented and whether things worked out or not.
  • Every individual is different so writing without too many references will give your analysis a certain uniqueness.

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